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Control Valve

The excavator control valve is equivalent to the human brain and controls every movement of the excavator. If you want the machine to operate normally and have smooth construction, every valve core and valve stem of the main control valve must ensure normal operation and no jamming. , blocked.
The main control valve is also called the main control valve or main valve. Its function is to provide the pressure oil discharged from the pump to each actuator according to the operator's instructions, so that the excavator can complete various actions.
1. Hydraulic Control Principle
The excavator control valve is a key component in the excavator hydraulic system. It controls the flow direction and pressure of oil to realize the actions of various hydraulic components (such as hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic motors, etc.). Control valves can be divided into two modes: manual control and electric control. The principle of hydraulic control is to use the pressure and flow of liquid to achieve the operation process.
2. Common Control Methods
In the excavator hydraulic system, the commonly used control methods are manual control and automatic control. Manual control is to control the work of the hydraulic system through the excavator driver's control lever and throttle in the cab. Automatic control is divided into two situations, one is controlled by computer program, and the other is controlled by signal from sensor. Automatic control methods can improve production efficiency and work safety.
3. Structure and Function of Control Valve
The structure of the excavator control valve includes valve body, valve core and spring. Its main function is to control the flow direction and pressure of hydraulic oil according to the operator's instructions, so as to realize various actions of the excavator, including lifting, turning, grabbing and other operations. When the operator controls the hydraulic system through the joystick, the control valve will cause oil to flow in different oil holes according to the design of its internal structure, thereby achieving the purpose of each hydraulic component.
In order to ensure the safe operation of the excavator, the distribution valve is also equipped with a safety protection mechanism. When an abnormality occurs in the system, the safety protection mechanism can quickly cut off the supply of hydraulic oil to prevent equipment damage and casualties caused by system failure. This safety protection mechanism provides a strong guarantee for the stable operation of Carter excavators.